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Corporate America Might Need Common Core, But Our “Outputs” Don’t

“Kill poverty not human beings.  Stop putting the value of money over the value of lives.” – Mahatma Gandhi December 8, 2013 Dear Allan Golston, This is in response to your editorial America’s Businesses Need the Common Core, which was posted … Continue reading

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Reign of Error: Diane Ravitch vs. Bill Gates

image courtesy of Dear Bill and Melinda, Our hopes were dashed when you ignored our invitation to attend Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error Book Tour in Seattle tonight.  Your silence and your continued lack of response to any one … Continue reading

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Why is our country spending billions of dollars on exams, scoring, test preparation materials, and extra instruction that demoralizes and disenfranchises the very students they were intended to help?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, I have been teaching for 32 years. The students I teach are mostly from lower socio-economic backgrounds and also have learning differences. For many of my early teaching years, I advocated for improved services for … Continue reading

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“Standardized tests serve the purpose to the test giver and the test maker, not the student.” ~ Jeffrey

  Dear Bill and Melinda, Standardized tests serve the purpose to the test giver and the test maker, not the student. In many/most situations in life where a problem has to be solved there are several options from which to … Continue reading

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