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Dear Melinda: I resigned because of your edreform. I hope that as a woman and as a mother, you will hear what I am saying and do something about it before it really is too late.

A teacher’s appeal to Melinda Gates… Dear Melinda, I’ve decided to go against the grain here and write to you instead of Bill, in the hopes that, as a woman and more importantly as a mother, you will hear what … Continue reading

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#CCSS: Twenty times the testing may be an understatement for some districts.

Dear Bill and Melinda, Twenty times the testing may be an understatement for some districts. My former district (retired) developed its own practice tests for reading and math which was given three times a year (once after regular state testing … Continue reading

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20x the Testing with #CCSS: Are Teachers Being Told the TRUTH About Common Core? Is the #AFT Poll More “Junk Science”? Will #CCSS be the Most Devastating Ed Policy in US History?

Dear Bill and Melinda, One of our readers commented on our recent blog post, If the Hart Research poll method is so reliable, then TEST only .09% of ALL children? : “There is a greater problem with the AFT-reported result of 75% … Continue reading

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Teachers are Reaching Out to Bill and Melinda, Impatient Optimists: Will they respond?

Good morning, Bill and Melinda ~ Katie and I have just posted a note to you on your blog, Impatient Optimists.  Our note follows: On June 8, 2012, Linda Shaw of the Seattle Times put you on the front page … Continue reading

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If the Hart Research poll method is so reliable, then TEST only .09% of ALL children.

Dear Bill and Melinda, There has been a great deal of controversy surrounding the American Federation of Teachers’ Union [AFT] poll on their teacher’s approval/disapproval of Common Core State Standards. Some teachers have been wondering aloud on Twitter:  “How many … Continue reading

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“Engaged” Virginia Teacher Speaks Truth about Measuring Student Engagement

Dear Bill and Melinda, I can probably help you out with your research regarding student engagement. If the student is asleep because he stayed up all night listening to his father beat his mother, not engaged. If a student is … Continue reading

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Teachers’ Summer Reading List for Reformy Billionaires: Books to Inspire Billionaires to Change their Reformy Ideas — Multiple Choice Test to Follow

Dear Bill and Melinda, Bill and Melinda, we noted your Facebook post today that states:  “I’m an avid reader, and Melinda and I encourage our kids to read too. Here are a few summer reading ideas for children of all … Continue reading

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