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Schooling should help children DISCOVER their own unique talents, not “standardize” them.

Dear Bill, Grading teachers based on when their students acquire and master a specific set of skills, is like grading parents based on when their children learn to tie their shoes or ride a bike. While, most people can learn … Continue reading

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Why is our country spending billions of dollars on exams, scoring, test preparation materials, and extra instruction that demoralizes and disenfranchises the very students they were intended to help?

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, I have been teaching for 32 years. The students I teach are mostly from lower socio-economic backgrounds and also have learning differences. For many of my early teaching years, I advocated for improved services for … Continue reading

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Teachers: Ours is a sacred trust which transcends all areas of academia and to which only the most stalwart may belong.

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates: As an educator who began my career in 1974 and a recent retiree of 34 years in inner-city classrooms, I’d like to share why those of us who chose to devote our lives to the … Continue reading

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Mr. Gates, it is your legacy: Do you really want to be remembered for being the grinch that stole education?

Dear Mr. Gates, The fact that you’re attempting to increase your wealth by injecting yourself and your associates into the public education system is morally reprehensible. Public education needs to reflect the values of the masses. Any one person having … Continue reading

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No initiative will help our nation’s students if it still contains high stakes testing.

Dear Bill and Melinda, A reader commented on Carole Marshall’s letter, NCLB and RttT are removing our final hope of an equal education…experienced teachers. Joshua A. Katz from Orange County, FL says: “There is nothing more I can add, I just want … Continue reading

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Mr.and Mrs. Gates: This experiment should be put to rest for once and for all…

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, For years now, you have joined forces with Michelle Rhee to drive and enact your education reform agenda. The cornerstone of this agenda states that the greatest single factor effecting student achievement is to place a … Continue reading

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Future School Counselor: Our educational system is not broken, but if you continue your push for high stakes testing it soon will be.

Dear Mr. Gates, I am writing to respectfully request that you reevaluate your backing of education “reform” and the use of high stakes testing that goes with it. I am a mother of two middle school aged children and am … Continue reading

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