“Standardized tests serve the purpose to the test giver and the test maker, not the student.” ~ Jeffrey

Teachers Letters to Bill Gates - Jeffrey


Dear Bill and Melinda,

Standardized tests serve the purpose to the test giver and the test maker, not the student. In many/most situations in life where a problem has to be solved there are several options from which to choose.

That sounds like a multiple choice test, but don’t leap to that conclusion just yet. Many times there are more than one right answer, and just as important as the answer is the justification of the thinking behind the chosen answer.

Try to assess that type of thinking on a standardized test. You cannot.


About Highlighting Members' Needs

We are running for the following Renton Education Association positions because we believe in the following planks: Becca Ritchie, Candidate for REA President, Nelsen Middle School, Computer Tech Susan DuFresne, Candidate for Primary Executive Board, Maplewood Heights Elementary, Integrated Kindergarten ✅  Demanding a healthy work-load/life balance. ✅  Bargaining competitive professional compensation. ✅  Challenging the status quo test culture with: Less is more! ✅  Emphasizing our professional expertise. ✅  Prioritizing equity and access for all. ✅  Utilizing 2-way 21st century communication tools. ✅  Acting in solidarity with all unions. ✅  Supporting ALL members. ✅   Implementing developmentally appropriate K-3 curriculum/assessment.
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