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Reign of Error: Diane Ravitch vs. Bill Gates

image courtesy of Dear Bill and Melinda, Our hopes were dashed when you ignored our invitation to attend Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error Book Tour in Seattle tonight.  Your silence and your continued lack of response to any one … Continue reading

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When will the civil rights community wake up to your propaganda?

Dear Bill, I’d like to believe that everyone who’s interested in education has a common goal: to ensure that each child in America, regardless of race, creed, or circumstance, has access to great public schools. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear … Continue reading

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I am a product of the first round of high stakes testing, and I can promise you that despite my insanely high scores they aren’t what saved me or anyone else I know who got out.

Dear Bill Gates, I am one of the kids you are trying to save. Raised in Sacramento, I lived in North Highlands when Sac High was taken over, and when the Met was put in the inner city. I grew … Continue reading

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Garbage In, Garbage Out #EndHighStakesTesting

Dear Bill Gates, As anyone could tell you in your vast huge computer software design organization, there exists a saying from the early days of computers, Garbage In, Garbage Out. Magical numbers generated from fantasies in the education realm are … Continue reading

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Bill, please consider how would the test have evaluated you and decided YOUR future as a teen?

  Dear Mr. Gates, My name is Alaina and I used to be a teacher. I came from a truly disadvantaged background, worked my way through college, sometimes even collecting cans to pay my tuition before I got a scholarship, … Continue reading

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Mad World: A trip back to the linchpin — #poverty and #edreform don’t mix.

Dear Bill and Melinda, One of our readers posted this comment in reply to our blog post to you: Dear Bill: Money Can’t Buy You Love — the Most Important Ingredient to a Good Education. She has some questions for you that … Continue reading

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Bill, too many children are waving white flags right now…

Dear Bill, I’ve read just a bit about your early life in Seattle – not enough to know how you dealt with economic downturns in those years, but enough to guess that, as one whose father was a lawyer and … Continue reading

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