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NYC teacher: “THIS is what the Common Core is doing to our children; it’s heartbreaking and wrong”

Bill, You yourself said the authoritative voice is that of the teachers. Read what this Brooklyn, NY teacher – whom I hold in high regard – has to say about your Common Core package. – Katie Lapham “Today after school … Continue reading

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High Stakes Testing, Special Education: A False Picture of Failure

  Dear Bill and Melinda, I am a retired teacher from the Rhode Island School for the Deaf.  I taught English Language Arts in the middle school and high school until retiring in the fall of 2011. One of the … Continue reading

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Where in all of this testing is a benefit for students?

Dear Bill and Melinda, Below, one of our readers responds to our blog post “My name is Andrea Rediske, and I am Ethan Rediske’s mother. Please Pass #EthansAct! #EyesOnDOE“ “The tests given to our children claim to be criterion referenced meaning … Continue reading

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My name is Andrea Rediske, and I am Ethan Rediske’s mother. Please Pass #EthansAct! #EyesOnDOE

Dear Bill and Melinda, A national wave of empathy and outrage was created when the state of Florida demanded a child named Ethan Rediske take the FCAT high stakes test.  Despite the fact that Ethan was on his deathbed at … Continue reading

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Recent Audits of “Gates-led” Ed Reform Spending

Bill, On August 27, 2013, Mercedes Schneider posted on her blog – deutsch29 – a thorough, eye-opening audit of your Common Core spending.  The following day, Diane Ravitch linked to it, and her readers’ comments reflect the outrage that so many of … Continue reading

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Freedom to Teach, Freedom to Learn: A Year at Mission Hill chapter 6

Chapter 6: Like a Family Dear Mr. Gates, Microsoft’s “stack ranking” management practice has been in the news lately, most recently on Valerie Strauss’ blog The Answer Sheet (Microsoft’s lesson on what not to do with teachers, Washington Post, 8/26/13). … Continue reading

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Live from New York: Is Participating in Common Core Asking Children and Teachers to Commit Educational Suicide?

Dear Bill and Melinda, Let’s stare the cold hard results of the first round of ELA and math Common Core state tests from New York right in the eye.  Fewer than one third of all students who took the exams … Continue reading

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Testing just gives him another reason to call himself a failure.

Dear Bill and Melinda Gates, For 19 years, I have taught middle school students. About ten years ago, I created a program at our school to address our neediest students: those at risk of dropping out of school even though … Continue reading

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Principal: “The part of the story that has been kept from our public is that the cost of being ranked No. 1 are the 2,000 students who have been denied their high school diploma over one state math standard.”

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, We have come to a very dangerous crossroad in our state of Washington, and perhaps in other states across the nation. We have non-educators writing educational policy in isolation.  You have built a fortress and … Continue reading

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Open up a dialogue with people who are actually in the trenches daily–TEACHERS

To Bill and Melinda Gates: I would like to thank for your years of supporting education and schools around the world. But at this time, I do not think that you are supporting education in the United States with your … Continue reading

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