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Reign of Error: Diane Ravitch vs. Bill Gates

image courtesy of Dear Bill and Melinda, Our hopes were dashed when you ignored our invitation to attend Diane Ravitch’s Reign of Error Book Tour in Seattle tonight.  Your silence and your continued lack of response to any one … Continue reading

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When will the civil rights community wake up to your propaganda?

Dear Bill, I’d like to believe that everyone who’s interested in education has a common goal: to ensure that each child in America, regardless of race, creed, or circumstance, has access to great public schools. However, it’s becoming increasingly clear … Continue reading

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Recent Audits of “Gates-led” Ed Reform Spending

Bill, On August 27, 2013, Mercedes Schneider posted on her blog – deutsch29 – a thorough, eye-opening audit of your Common Core spending.  The following day, Diane Ravitch linked to it, and her readers’ comments reflect the outrage that so many of … Continue reading

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Bill and Melinda Gates, You “Lever Pullers” Have Written the Civil Rights Communities a Bad Check

Dear Bill and Melinda, This morning many Americans watched Representative John Lewis [D-Georgia] speak about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr.’s memorable “I Have a Dream” speech on Face the Nation. Lewis is the last surviving speaker at the 1963 March … Continue reading

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