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Corporate America Might Need Common Core, But Our “Outputs” Don’t

“Kill poverty not human beings.  Stop putting the value of money over the value of lives.” – Mahatma Gandhi December 8, 2013 Dear Allan Golston, This is in response to your editorial America’s Businesses Need the Common Core, which was posted … Continue reading

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How to Create a Negative School Climate 101

Dear Mr. Gates and Mr. Duncan,               I thought I had better get this to you now while it is still on my mind. At the end of the last school year, I was informed that I would be teaching 7th … Continue reading

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Mr. Gates: #EndHighStakesTesting – Teachers will win.

Dear Mr. Gates, I am entering my 20th year of public school teaching in middle school mathematics. I am recently National Board Certified. I have such an enthusiasm for teaching that two of my daughters also entered the profession. They … Continue reading

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The “profession” of education is hardly treated like a profession at all. Mr. and Mrs. Gates – I urge you to refocus your efforts…

Dear Mr. and Mrs. Gates, My genuine belief is that you both have the best of intentions. I believe you want education to improve. I believe you are convinced from your personal education experiences that what you propose changing in … Continue reading

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Bill and Melinda: It is time to heed the lessons of failure.

Dear Bill and Melinda ~ One of our readers and a fellow blogger commented on our recent post, Judge Not The Deserters — Casualties of the Corporate Ed Reform War.  Diana Ling writes Those Who Teach blog. Please read her comment and yet … Continue reading

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