Bill and Melinda: It is time to heed the lessons of failure.

Gates on Success and Failure

Dear Bill and Melinda ~

One of our readers and a fellow blogger commented on our recent post, Judge Not The Deserters — Casualties of the Corporate Ed Reform War.  Diana Ling writes Those Who Teach blog.

Please read her comment and yet another terrible deserter’s narrative in two parts.

Thanks for this insightful connection. The “war at home” manifests, too, I think, in the disillusionment of young “soldiers” — new teachers whose idealism is too-quickly crushed by corporate ed reform.

On my blog, I shared the story of one such young teacher, including why she ‘deserted’ and what she misses about being in the front lines”:

Part One: Life After Teaching Part One:  Four Reasons Why I’m Better Off

Part Two:   ~ Diana Ling

These stories are heartrendingly potent with relevancy.  The casualties are mounting, with mostly women and children as your victims of this corporate education reform war of your making.

At what point are you going to really “make nice” with teachers… [and more importantly with children, for doing right by children will bring you the support of teachers] … or was that more propaganda, Mr. and Mrs. Gates?

At what point are you going heed the lessons of failure?

Teachers’ Letters to Bill Gates


About Highlighting Members' Needs

We are running for the following Renton Education Association positions because we believe in the following planks: Becca Ritchie, Candidate for REA President, Nelsen Middle School, Computer Tech Susan DuFresne, Candidate for Primary Executive Board, Maplewood Heights Elementary, Integrated Kindergarten ✅  Demanding a healthy work-load/life balance. ✅  Bargaining competitive professional compensation. ✅  Challenging the status quo test culture with: Less is more! ✅  Emphasizing our professional expertise. ✅  Prioritizing equity and access for all. ✅  Utilizing 2-way 21st century communication tools. ✅  Acting in solidarity with all unions. ✅  Supporting ALL members. ✅   Implementing developmentally appropriate K-3 curriculum/assessment.
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One Response to Bill and Melinda: It is time to heed the lessons of failure.

  1. Thank you so much for sharing this, and for reminding us that it’s largely women and children losing in this battle!


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