Sue, A Wisconsin Kindergarten Teacher on Common Core: “I am sickened by the expectations I was forced to have of my 5 year old CHILDREN.”

Dear Bill and Melinda ~

A Wisconsin public school kindergarten teacher named Sue commented on our recent blog: Is Common Core making kindergarten too hard for 5 year old children?

Sue, like many other teachers, is ready to quit.  We hope she will stay and fight with us.

Teachers Letters to Bill Gates - Sue, Wisconsin Kindergarten

Here’s how Common Core has impacted her and her children this year:

“As a Wisconsin Kindergarten teacher who just completed a school year under the Common Core ELAINE and Math Standards, I am sickened by the expectations I was forced to have of my 5 year old CHILDREN. My stomach was turning everyday as I cried tears in my head when I needed to deliver 70+ minutes of sit down reading instruction and 60 minutes of workbook math instruction everyday. Free time and time for socializing was out. Even formal scheduled snack time, no science or social studies in the name of a reading level of D for ALL and fluency in math facts to 10. I could go on an on about no time for classroom art, music or FUN! It makes me want to quit. Speaking against only got me threats of no job and trouble. Still trying to do something about it with a fake smile.”

~ Sue, A Public School Kindergarten Teacher in Wisconsin


We hope you answer, Sue and perhaps come visit some of these schools with stressed out children and stressed out teachers to see what Common Core is doing to America’s public schools.


Teachers’ Letters to Bill Gates


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5 Responses to Sue, A Wisconsin Kindergarten Teacher on Common Core: “I am sickened by the expectations I was forced to have of my 5 year old CHILDREN.”

  1. Barbara Arbogast says:

    Sue, my granddaughter is just finishing kindergarten and I was shocked through out the year what she was required to learn….. Math adding and subtracting double digit reading there are a series of books used a-d she has to be on level d to be ready for first grade. We are lucky Hailey did have art and music once a week but no science or social studies . I realize kids need to learn but where is the fun and the teachers are expected to implement all that is required with 20 students and one assistant . I’m so sorry you are so stressed.. Thank you for all you do

  2. Peggie says:

    You cannot do this. Really. You can’t keep kids trapped without play. Please don’t do it.

  3. Reblogged this on nicolamontelongo and commented:
    THIS is something I am currently struggling with in my own professional journey…..It saddens me and I find it almost humerous the expectations they have for 4 and 5 year olds these days? I find it very difficult to work in an environment that doesn’t have the same belief system and ways that you follow!

  4. I found this blog through a professional colleague and I too am very disheartened by the increasing expectations on young children. How is learning supposed to be accomplished when we did not teach them to sit and listen, raise their hand to ask if they have a question, interact socially with their peers in an acceptable manner or express their interests through art, music, dramatic play or building? The foundations for learning are being overlooked in favor of teaching academic standards that so many of my children are not emotionally, physically, or cognitively prepared to master. This mindset is compromising later learning when testing becomes so vital for students, parents and teachers. Early childhood education is moving in the wrong direction and creating children that fear tests rather than see them as an opportunity to tell their teacher how much they know.

  5. Thomas Hanover says:

    I apologize if this is a duplicate as the website didn’t indicate it registered my reply.

    Common Core must be repealed, rejected and replaced with local State standards that are developed by Educators, Teachers, Parents and not behind closed doors!! The only 2 QUALIFIED professionals that were asked to help validate the Common Core standards said that they will not help our children succeed and are insufficient. Since they would not approve of the Math and English standards, they were just omitted from the panel of experts all together.
    Please inform yourself!

    Dr. Sandra Stotsky and Dr. James Milgram On The Common Core


    Dr. Sandra Stotsky Testifies Against Common Core in Wisconsin

    Charlotte Iserbyt on Common Core Takeover (hired by Ronald Reagan as Policy Advisor for D.O.E.)

    Everyone needs to do their homework (no pun intended) and share this information to EVERYONE you know.

    Teachers are Educators not Facilitators – Teachers want to Teach our children and share their knowledge…they don’t want to TRAIN them. After all this the USA not the USSR. We know what happened the the Soviet Union.

    An American Parent

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